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We build websites to your spesifications and layouts only in HTML format.

We offer smart, easy to navigate mini and bigger websites for individuals at affordable rates.

Specialising in web design and we implement the latest internet technology into your website.

All our website designs will adapt to all devices. Drop down navigation bar.

Graphic Design

A great logo will set your company apart from your competition.

Designing a dynamic logo for your business is paramount as new and existing clients will identify with your business, brand, products and services via your logo.

Logo’s are used in almost all business stationery, designs, advertisements and marketing media.

Registration and Hosting

We will register your website via Afrihost at their tariffs with no profit to us.

Hosting will be done via Afrihost at their costs and Afrihost will send you the monthly bill.


We can do monthly maintenance on your site, eg: new info, add new pages, update data,ens.

There are 3 packages,

1. Small updates - 1 or 2 changes per month @ R100/month.

2. Medium updates - 1 - 5 changes per month @ R150/month.

3. Big updates - add a page, 1 - 5 changes per month @ R200/month.

Extra pages can be inserted at R150/page or R100/update.


Templete design @ R150 (this is a must before any webpages can be done).

Pages @ R150 each.

Updates @ R100 each.

New page @ R150 each.

Logo design @ R100 - R500 Depends on the design.

.co.za registration @ R75/Year.

Hosting @ R29/month via Afrihost

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